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At St. Mary’s Healthcare our providers are unique, and you can expect the care you receive to be unique too. Whether you need one of our providers listed here or an appointment with one of our many other experts at one of our health centers, let St. Mary’s Healthcare be your first stop for all your health care needs. St. Mary’s Healthcare has an established tradition of healthcare in our community, with over 100 years of working together we offer that expert care you look for without the need to leave the area. From Primary through Specialty care you’ll find the expertise – Only at St. Mary’s.

More than Expert ENT Care Without the Need to Leave the Area!

Dr. Athanasios Tournas and the care team at St. Mary’s Healthcare provide specialized treatments for children and adults including common to complex conditions of the Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT), as well as head and neck surgical options, and facial plastic surgery. Dr. Tournas and the team take the necessary time with patients to design the best treatment and surgical plan with many procedures completed right in the ENT Health Center under local anesthesia. This care model better ensures a more positive patient experience while offering the same expert and safe level of care quickly and conveniently.

Dr. Tournas’s education, experience and fellowship training in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery paired with state-of-the-art technology allows our patients expert ENT care without leaving Amsterdam. 

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Expert Podiatry Care that Respects the Patient’s Choice!

At the St. Mary’s Podiatry Health Center located in Amsterdam, NY, Dr. Alpha Opese and the St. Mary’s team make it easy to access the podiatry care you need. The specialty health center provides a broad spectrum of services improving structure and function from common foot and ankle ailments including diabetes related issues to major reconstruction surgery if necessary.  

Dr. Opese’s meticulous care, attention to detail and the experience he delivers sets his practice apart from other podiatrists in the Capital Region.  His expert training and education have been the focus of his care model, giving the patient every option, explanation and most importantly, choice to choose the best care path for them.  

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Bringing Advanced Surgical Options to Amsterdam, NY

Dr. Litz is board certified in General Surgery and did a fellowship in Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery. This means that Dr. Litz has training that goes above and beyond what’s normally required in her specialty. Having received her training from locations around the US including Florida and Michigan, Dr. Litz has brought her unique expertise and education to Amsterdam NY.

Working alongside Dr. Ronald Marsh, Dr. Litz has a passion for minimally invasive surgery and brings new surgical techniques to the table. Dr. Litz can do things surgically that aren’t being done in other places with a focus on fewer complications and a smoother recovery for her patients.

Having worked at various surgical centers around the country, Dr. Litz says that the comradery with Dr. Ronald Marsh and the Surgical team at St. Mary’s Healthcare is unparalleled. From the patient’s perspective one of the first things they will notice is the amount of compassion our team approaches every procedure with.

“Everyone works as a team and everyone has the common goal of making it comfortable and enjoyable for our patients,” said Dr Litz. “From the nurses to the scrub techs, we all feel like a family, and I think the patient feels that.” This means you have the peace of mind knowing that your surgery is in good hands with Dr. Litz and St. Mary’s team of professionals.

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Set to surpass 2000 Robotic-Assisted Surgery cases by the end 2021, Dr. Ronald Marsh is one of the most experienced general surgeons in the region. Having perfected his techniques using the Da Vinci Xi System, the most advanced surgical system in the region: Dr. Marsh has maximized the efficiency of his procedures to benefit his patients. This means patients spend less time under anesthesia, which means fewer complications and a smoother recovery. 

As a leader in Robotic-Assisted Surgery and an expert on efficiency, Dr. Marsh has spoken at various hospitals around the nation to highlight the effectiveness of the Da Vinci Xi System. Additionally, as a training site for the Da Vinci Xi System; both emerging and existing surgeons from across the country travel to St. Mary’s Healthcare to train with Dr. Marsh and the St. Mary’s surgical team to hone their own skills.  

With the skill and efficiency Dr. Marsh brings to St. Mary’s Healthcare in terms of Robotic-Assisted Surgery, he can complete an average of 6-7 surgical procedures a day with outcomes that are as good or better then laparoscopic surgery. This allows St. Mary’s to offer the community better access to robotic surgery without the need to leave the region. 

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At the St. Mary’s Gastroenterology Health Center, Dr. Adnan Sohail is changing the way we detect certain digestive cancers even earlier. Using the latest technology, Dr. Sohail and his team can diagnose and treat specific conditions that our community would have previously traveled to Albany or even further for testing and care.  

These advancements paired with his fellowship expertise in digestive health, have offered patients life-saving alternatives to surgery while preventing prolonged hospital stays. Some of these advancements include the capability to diagnose specific cancers including pancreatic and bile duct cancers using endoscopic ultrasound. Dr. Sohail can also stage, and mark tumors which helps guide radiation treatment for a more specialized care plan when they need it most.  

Dr Sohail has received an exceptional education that has taken him all over the United States. He received his residency training from Yale University and Gastroenterology fellowship training from the University of California. He did additional fellowship training in Advanced Gastroenterology at the University of Massachusetts. Additionally, Dr. Sohail completed a postdoctoral fellowship in the Digestive Disease Section at Yale. Physicians that choose to peruse fellowship training receive specialty education that goes above and beyond what’s normally required in their specialties. Patients can feel at ease knowing that Dr. Sohail’s educational background comes from some of the most prestigious medical schools in the country. 

When it comes to compassionate care, Dr. Sohail has no shortage. He takes pride in connecting with his patients post procedure where he will ask them how their doing and answer any questions or concerns they might be having.  

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