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Patient & Family Code of Conduct Policy

Exceptional patient care requires a safe, supportive, inclusive, equitable and respectful environment that involves a commitment by patients, hospital staff, family members and visitors to maintain such an environment.

Behavior that interferes with the delivery of healthcare or creates an unsafe and disrespectful environment is unacceptable.

St. Mary’s Healthcare will not tolerate actions that intentionally disrupt any healthcare environment, including inpatient, outpatient and office-based setting. Such actions include:

  • Aggressive or violent behavior such as physical assaults, verbal and non-verbal threats, or abusive language
  • Discriminatory language
  • Language or actions that may be perceived as sexual harassment
  • The possession of weapons of any kind in hospital or healthcare setting

The safety of patients and our associates are a top priority for St. Mary’s Healthcare.

Behavior that jeopardizes or threatens their safety may results in potential consequences, including being asked to leave the facility.