Price Transparency

Patient Pricing Information

St. Mary’s has set an estimated cost for every service and product we provide. Although many things can contribute to the total cost of care, we have worked to ensure that you can see estimates of these costs.

St. Mary’s Healthcare is committed to providing useful information to our patients so you can understand the financial side of your healthcare needs and receive and assistance necessary. Please visit our Financial Help page for more information.

Patient Cost Estimator

This easy-to-use price estimator can be a guide to help you plan for the costs of healthcare services, including treatment, tests, and procedures.

If you need a healthcare service, having an idea of what it may cost is important. This easy-to-use price estimator can help you get a better understanding of your out-of-pocket costs. Start by putting in some simple information about yourself, the service, your insurance and the St. Mary’s Healthcare location. You’ll receive a breakdown of the estimated costs for the care you seek.

Please Note: The Patient Cost Estimator provides an estimate of your costs and is informational only. Your actual amount you will be billed depends on the specific medical services you receive and how your insurance processes the claim according to your eligibility and benefits.

Looking for the Machine Readable Charge File?

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